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MP3 Files and Summary of Printed Documents to Accompany Police Report

To protect the privacy of patients and victims of the Board,

initials are used herein, until all relevant court documents are filed. 

The audio files are already public record.

Exhibit A

October 13, 2022

Board audio 2022 Oct 13 Part 1 downloaded 22 10 30

Audiotape from 1:02:46 to 1:03:50 Board member BP confesses to violation of 18 USC 1513 (e) : Attempted retaliation causing loss of CH livelihood, following CH reporting to AZ Attorney General's Office of BP's and other Board members' and Board personnel's felony violations of federal and state laws, US Constitution and Arizona Constitution.

Exhibit B

October 7, 2022

E-mail from CH to Gail Anthony, 10/7/22, 3:38 pm, establishing that Board personnel knew of CH filing criminal complaints against Board, e-mail reading in part:

"Ms. Anthony:

    Re:  Board Case 20-160; 22-216-NMB

"The Board has no quorum to decide this matter, because of the need to recuse, based on the pending Criminal Complaint that I filed against most Board members last year with the Arizona Attorney General's Office.  That Criminal Complaint was assigned a number by the Attorney General's Office.  It cited the documented serial attempts by the Board to injure a competitor of Board members, namely me and my small business.  I then updated that Criminal Complaint with the Attorney General's Office three further times, including earlier today, after the Board committed additional felony violations of law, most of which are summarized in Respondent's Exhibit 1 before the OAH Hearing, which you already have.

Also, [Asst Attorney General] Mr. Larson's conflict of interest in this matter is puzzling, to say the least."

Exhibit C

April 8, 2021




Spoliated audiotape from approx 2:18:14 to 2:18:18

From written transcript:

Diva Galan:  This is Diva Glaan.  I don’t know if we’re getting through in what we’re saying. [inaudible]  I think that could be required [inaudible]


Bruce Sadilek:  Can you elaborate?

Diva Galan:  I don’t know that she sees that she has to make the necessary alterations that should be for basic kind of charting?

Board audio 2021 April 8 Part 1
00:00 / 2:28:33

Exhibit D

May 25, 2022

Complaint and Notice of Hearing to OAH.

Gail Anthony, Executive Director of the Board, signed her name to this document that contained 17 knowingly and maliciously false statements.

Exhibit E

May 31, 2022

CH identifies each of the 17 false statements made by Gail Anthony in Exhibit D.  Those statements are proven to be false mostly in the subpoenaed document of October 23, 2020 delivered to the Board by e-mail, which e-mail and attachment still exist.

Exhibit F

October 23, 2020

Knowingly and maliciously false statements in Exhibit D were proven to be false two years earlier, mostly in the subpoenaed document of October 23, 2020 delivered to the Board by e-mail, which e-mail and attachment still exist.

E-mail from Attorney SM, Esq. to Gail Anthony, copied to CH, 10/23/2020, 2:41 pm

Exhibit G

October 12, 2022

CH takes screenshots of business websites of 4 of 7 Board members, who are all direct competitors with CH, all offering IV nutrient treatments. CH e-mails all such screenshots including of her own site, to her attorney SM, Esq. on 10/12/22 at 8:26 pm, and of CH's own website on 10/19/22, 4:06 pm    Each of the Board members / competitors' sites shows less information about the nutrients used in IV treatments than that of CH, yet . . .

10/13/22: Board votes to revoke CH license on the basis of ARS 32-1501-31 (L) for use of a “secret means, method, medicine, treatment.” Exhibit A.   This is expected to have the effect of eliminating CH as competition. 

Exhibit H

July 8, 2021

Board members, especially direct business competitors, have repeatedly tried to bully CH and her contract doctor out of proprietary intellectual property belonging to CH and AN.  This is especially evident in the July 2021 transcript of Board bullying of CH contract doctor AN.

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